Filesocial is no longer available


Filesocial was born in 2008 out of our restlessness to innovate when there were hardly any services that allowed multimedia contents to be shared on the then barely known Twitter. Now, the sector and the market have completely changed and our pivot into other types of services just doesn’t allow us to improve Filesocial at the pace that a project of this scope deserves.

We are currently working on new challenges that require all of our efforts, and, unfortunately, we just can’t dedicate the attention that it deserves to this project or offer the support that you all need.

This message doesn’t mean that we are closing the door completely, but simply, that it won’t be possible to register new accounts or upload files. Everyone who has uploaded files to Filesocial will be able to view, download and to link to all of their previously uploaded files, but you won’t be able to use the service to share documents or create new accounts.

We would like to thank all of Filesocial’s friends who have been with us on this journey up to now. We hope to see you all again soon with new and interesting cloud based projects.

Thanks a bunch

Filesocial team